Heat Exchangers / Dryers / Evaporators

Proquip Solutions offers a range of secondhand Heat Exchangers, Dryers, Evaporators and Condensers. These range in different sizes and shapes according to the application they were designed for. 

The two main types of steam heat exchange that we primarily supply are 'shell and tube', and 'plate' heat exchangers.

two types of heat exchanger2

Plate Heat Exchangers

This method of heating and cooling liquid / liquid, steam / liquid, and viscous liquid uses metal plates to transfer the heat between the two fluids. Adding or removing these plates will vary the operating conditions and modify the installed thermal flow.

Having the ability to quickly and easily dismantle for cleaning, make this type of Heat Exchanger a viable option.


Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Using the basic principles of a hot fluid flowing around or over a colder fluid, shell and tube heat exchangers put two fluids in thermal contact using tubes which are enclosed by an outer shell.

The tubes carry a fluid from the inlet to outlet (known as the 'tube-side' flow), while the outer shell passes a fluid around the outside of the tubes (known as the 'shell-side' flow). 

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