Filling / Capping / Packaging / End Lines

Proquip Solutions stocks a large range of used Packaging Equipment to suit a variety of applications. These can range from stand alone units, or fully automatic packaging machines. 

Some of the Packaging Machines that we typically have in stock are:

  • Filling Machines
  • Capping Machines
  • Bottling Equipment
  • Flexible Packaging Equipment
  • Vacuum Sealing Equipment
  • Flow Wrappers
  • Inkjet Coders
  • Conveyors and Turntables
  • Case Packers
  • Palletizers


Packaging Machine Solutions

Thimonnier Packaging Machine

Filling Equipment

Our Filling Equipment does not just comprise of Liquid Filling Machines. We also stock Powder Filling Machines, and Flexible Packaging Machines. We understand there are many different packaging formats that need to be filled such as pouches, containers, bags, cups and pots. When considering the purchase of a used Filling Machine, our experts can discuss with you the Filling Machine capabilities, and types of packaging that it was designed for originally.

Capping Machines

Proquip stocks several types of capping equipment including automatic rotary capping machines, ROPP cappers, Lidding machines, and cap tighteners.

End of Line Packaging Machines

After the product has been packed into a form of packaging, the next stage is to pack the sealed product ready for shipping. Proquip supplies case erectors, case packers, case sealers, and palletizers, as well as accumulation conveyors and tables.


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